Drawbar - Living Trailer


Living Trailer & Drawbar Trailersluxury camper

2-axle turntable trailer chassis, hot-galvanised version, for a van body.

Chassis with 2 axles in 10 T to execution. Drawbar with easy manual length adjustment. Length and height of body as requested by the customer.

Chassis: Light and stable chassis frame in a hot-galvanised version from ST52steel, purpose-built for the fitting of a van body. The chassis is also suitable for the fitting of a front-end and rear-end tail lift.

DIN Eye : 40 mm for tractor connection

Size: 8500X 2440 X 3350 (LxWxH as mm)

Total Chassis Weight: 3.500kg

Axles : 2 X 9 T Capacity trailer axles

Suspension : Air suspension on 2 axles

Brake : Air Brake system 

Electrical System : 24 V Complete Trailer Lighting System – SA-BA Brand under ADR regulations. 15 Pin spiral cable 3.5 Meter

Tyres : Single or Double Tyre options

Internal design can be done according to customer requirement.

Feel free to contact us to get price offer for living trailers.