Flatbed trailers direct from factory - ALURA TRAILER

Flatbed trailers direct from factory


ALURA flatbed trailers are produced with 1st grade materials and completely meets EU standards as well as the special requirements by our customers are considered.

ALURA flatbed trailers are produced from 2 to 4 axles configuration under European regulations and EC-WVTA certificate

Flatbed trailers are produced with many configuration according to customer requirements with SAF / BPW / KOC axles and WABCO / KNORR brake systems options.

Hydraulic steering solutions and extendable options are also given to our customers as another options


flatbed trailers factory


Made of ST-52 Steel - A Quality
Thickness of steel depends on capacity
Air / Steel or Hydraulic suspensions
Tyre options as; 19.5 or 22.5 / single or twin tires
Floor options : Steel / Wood / Mixed
Extending options : Single or Telescopic extensions
24 V Electrical system SA-BA or ASPÖCK
All our trailers are sand-blasted before painting. Drying is
completed in oven. Optional metallization

Extendable Flatbed Alura Trailer