Bottom Loading Tanker Trailer


alura bl tanker

Tank: Tank is manufacture as 3 equal compartments with breakwaters as 35.000 Ltr total capacity.

Tank body is made of 4 mm ST37 steel and intermediate sections are manufactured of 4 mm ST37 steel.

Each compartment have a drain plug in the bottom and a vapour release plug at the top

Bottom loading system with brand of PEKERSAN

Bottom discharge system 4” API with brand of PEKERSAN

Piping from bottom valves to the discharge/loading cabinet have flexible section to avoid breaks due to vibrations.

Overflow pool with drain valve at the top of the tank

Walking platform with rollover protection and pneumatic ladder at the rear

Overvill sensors with brand of DUYUTANK

Level indicators with brand of PEKERSAN brand

Vapour recovery valve with brand of PEKERSAN brand

4” to 3” adaptors for discharge with brand of PEKERSAN

Loading/Discharging cabinet at the right side with 3” pump and meter / ticket printer (Meter and ticket printer will be sent to the factory by customer)

Chassis: The chassis is produced with 5 mm ST 52 A1 quality sheet and 120x12 I beam steel

Axle: Axles are SAF brand axles each have 9 ton loading capacity.

Suspension : Air suspension on 3 axles with WABCO brake system with EBS

Tires: 385 65 R 22.5 Bridgestone brand, 11, 75-22,5 rims – 6 + 1 units

Landing Leg: 24 Ton loading capacity landing leg. Double speed, telescopic landing leg.

King-Pin: 2” King pin in accordance to DIN Standard.

Electric System: SA-BA brand electrical system is 24 volt acc to ADR regulations. Electrical Equipment / Lighting Electrical Socket complying with the European Community 76/756 EWG regulations, in conformity with ISO 12098, having 15 poles or 2x7 poles connected to the vehicle’s front air panel. (Excluding the connection cable)

At the rear side, plate lighting, multi sectioned stop lights with triangular reflector integration, rear limit lights, side limit lights, front limit lights.


  • 1 unit spare tyre
  • Spare tyre frame
  • Toolbox
  • Water tank
  • 6 units mudguards
  • Fire extinguisher box
  • Warning signs and writings
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