Mobile Workshop Semi Trailer

Mobile workshop semi trailers are a larger version of the mobile workshop truck, designed to provide even more space and functionality. ALURA semi trailers are equipped with a wide range of tools, workstations, and storage space, making them ideal for large-scale construction or industrial projects that require a lot of equipment and machinery. Mobile workshop semi trailers can be customized to meet specific needs, and can include features such as hydraulic lifts, cranes, and heavy-duty machinery to handle the most demanding jobs. These trailers are also equipped with generators, air compressors, and other essential equipment to power tools and machinery on the go. With the ability to move large volumes of equipment and supplies, mobile workshop semi trailers offer a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for contractors, industrial operators, and other businesses that require a mobile workspace.

40ft mwst 5

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Mobile Workshop Configurations

Mobile Workshop Truck Body

This Lube Trucks Mobile Service Truck.

Semi Trailer Configuration

This More space for your workshop Maintenance Trailer.

Lubrication Workshop Drawbar Trailer

This Oil Service Drawbar Trailer.

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