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Container workshop systems are produced according to customer requirement as 20 or 40" systems with unprecedented strenght and durability. 

Container are produced with exaclty the same outer dimensions as a standard 20 or 40 food shipping containers. The weight of container with inside equipments app 4-5 tons so the vehicle can be placed it anywhere you wish.

Inside equipments can be choosen by customer and unique design can be prepared by Alura.

Interior of mobile workshop container completely designed according to customer requirement. Equipments and aim of mobile workshops can be determined by customer and most powerful & effective design is presented by Alura. 

alura mws 28 alura mws 37 alura mws 22

Exterior of container workshop is made of high resistance steel construction with holes for twist locks as well as same outer dimensions as 20 and 40 foot sihpping containers.

workshop trailer  alura 40ft workshop12 alura mwst 8


  • Delivery on time

    Alura delivers its semi trailers to its customers on time

  • Best Shipment Way

    Our experts choose best shipment way for our customers

  • Long Term Business Relations

    We always believe long term business relationship with our customers

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