Mobile Workshop Units for sale


Alura design & produce customized mobile workshop truck body / container system according to customer requirement.

System is working with its own generator and air compressor units

customized mobile workshop

ALURA mobile workshop units are shipped to customers with best shipping ways by considering both budget and security. 

mobile workshop shipment

Mobile Workshop unit can be mounted on truck chassis easily at customer country / yard

mobile workshop assembled

Mobile Workshop units are furnished with special lubrication tanks & pumps as well as high pressure washing system

iveco workshop

You can reach equipment list of standard MWS 2.1 here

iveco workshop 3

mobile workshop truck

ALURA Mobile Workshop are also furnished with mechanic tools & welding machine etc.


Workshop units are also produced as mobile workshop semi trailer

alura mobile lubrication


To reach 40" Mobile workshop semi trailer details click here

The mobile workshop units are also produced as a drawbar trailer

mobile workshop trailer8

mobile workshop trailer10

To reach mobile workshop drawbar details click here

Alura Trailer is also produce Mobile Laboratory / Clinic as well as more special units like mobile shower for military purpose, restrooms etc.

castelbe alura

Mobile Laboratory

mobile labs

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