Technical Specifications of MWS 2.2Mobile Workshop Truck MWS 2-2

The system consist of;

33 kVa – Diesel Generator – Complete Turn/Key system

12 Bar - Air Compressor with its attachments

3 X Lubrication Pump with their attachments

1 X Coolant Pump with attachments

1 X Grease Pump with its attachments

Jet Washing with its attachments


Made of Steel construction – Insulated walls – Anti-corrosion paint & stainless steel hinges and locks.

Hidden Air & Electrical lines – water proof and easy using with integrated sockets, reels and other components, easily accessible lids and shelves.

Unique design oil distibution tanks made of LDPE tanks against rust and corrosion

Aluminium sectional door & side protections

Air ventilation inside – optional a/c unit

Tool box – Roof storage area with easy access

LED lighting system both inside and outside

The workshop body is produced according to customer truck chassis with exact sizes and dimensions.

The workshop body is delivered to the customer as turn/key system.

All required attachments for assembling body to truck are sent by ALURA to the customer.

Easy assembling by just fixin U-bolts

Assembling guide : (With new system the wood between chassis and body is placed under the body – no need to add wood – just fixing u-bolts is OK)

  • ALURA do not supply truck units. The workshop box can be produced according to truck chassis what the customers have.
  • ALURA workshop units are customizable and produced as body, container, trailer and semi trailer configurations.
  • Some of finished projects can be reached here :

Data Sheet of MWS 2.2

Technical Specifications of MWS 2.2

Equipment List of MWS 2.2